Nanotechnology Makes It Affordable to Go Green and Do It Yourself for the New Year

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When making New Year resolutions for 2010 one thing that may be on many people's list is being 'greener' or making a smaller carbon footprint in order to benefit the environment. But realistically most of us are only going to go as green as we can afford. In the current economy most families are in survival mode and any extra expenditures to make us feel better about the planet have to fit our budget or wait for the recession to end.

It turns out that nanotechnology has brought us a product that not only can reduce our carbon foot print, but also makes going green a money saving proposition. Nansulate® is a high tech product with a low tech price tag. It puts insulation into a paintable coating form which means it is easy to apply to walls and ceilings to reduce heat loss and gain, and because it is paintable, it doesn't have to be done on a whole house at once - the application can be spread out one room at a time.

Industrial Nanotech, Inc. (, began a program in 2007 called One Room at A Time, to encourage homeowners to insulate their homes and reduce energy costs, literally one room at a time, and use the money saved to do the next room. We then give product to coat the 'last room' for free, offering even more savings. (see website for more details)

The technology may sound too good to be true, but homeowners regularly report saving between 20%-40% on their monthly energy costs, dependent upon individual energy use.  Many customers write in to Industrial Nanotech regularly, sharing their unbelievable stories and sincere thanks for lower energy bills. These can be found at:

Independent laboratory testing is available as well on the website which shows that the coating blocks 34.8% of thermal flow, is resistant to mold growth, and provides excellent corrosion resistance as well.

So whether you are feel it is your duty to help reduce your impact on the environment, or you simply want a way to reduce your monthly energy bills, you'll want to ring in 2010 with nanotechnology, and 'Green' your home one room at a time.

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