Nansulate® Tip of the Day - Reduce Energy Loss and Cost in Coal-fired Power Plants

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Picture 6.pngCoal-fired power plants can significantly increase operating efficiency and reduce energy costs affordably and immediately by utilizing Nansulate® nanotechnology based coatings for both insulation and corrosion control. Energy costs can be reduced by approximately 10% to 25% depending upon application, and based upon both real world applications and independent testing.

Due to the heat intense processing costs of coal-fired power generation, facilities stand to benefit from substantial decreases in energy efficiency by reducing the heat/energy loss for those processes. The bottom line is that new technology can convert formerly fixed energy costs to manageable. Allowing power plants to lower energy costs and significantly improve profit margins. Our direct to metal product Nansulate® High Heat is perfect for such energy solutions while bringing corrosion prevention and moisture resistance to the table as well.

Facilities can use the coatings for:
1. Equipment that does not currently have a suitable insulation option: This can include boilers, feed water heaters, furnaces, and other equipment that due to size or area limitations cannot be insulated with traditional forms of insulation.
2. Replacement for traditional insulation (fiberglass, pipe wrap, rock wool, etc..). The insulation coating can be used to replace traditional insulation and offers a clear alternative that also prevents corrosion rather than causing it.

Nansulate® technology is a poster child for sustainable manufacturing. Besides saving energy, the coatings are also considered "green" and are low VOC. There is even a version that is NSF registered (formerly USDA registration) as safe for incidental food contact surfaces, which makes it suitable for use in food and beverage manufacturing applications. In addition to coatings which are used on boilers and heat equipment, there are also insulation coatings for walls, ceilings and roofs of buildings, for a total facility energy efficiency solution.

New technology typically comes with a high price tag, but Nansulate® coatings are an exception to that mindset. Applications can be done while the lines are running and the ability to significantly reduce costs without a large capital expenditure make this technology a unique and viable option for the power industry.

You can download the Coal White Paper to have a more in depth read by clicking here.

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