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 DIY nanotechnology based insulation coatings can be painted on your dog's house to keep them cooler this summer and warmer next winter!

The Dog Days of summer were not named for the challenges we face keeping our dogs cool in the summer, but by ancients who thought that Sirius-the "Dog Star" and the brightest star in the night sky near the sun-was the cause of the hot, sweltering weather that arrives officially every July in the Northern Hemisphere. Luckily, there are a number of products on the market that can assist us in keeping our dogs safe and comfortable.  The products range from low tech to exciting new high tech options, so there are plenty of opportunities for you to give your beloved pet a reprieve from the summer heat.

1.  Cool Beds:  The Cool Pet Pad is a new technology option, www.keepdoggiesafe.com/dog-cooling-pad.html, that is a self cooling pet cushion that recharges itself and is pressure activated when your dog lies on it.  Other versions and brands let you fill the beds with cool water,  come with an attached sun umbrella, or use electricity to circulate cool air.  An additional benefit is that your dog will have a soft resting place that is gentler on muscles and bones than the tile or hard floors that dogs gravitate to for cooling down.   

2.  Cool Dog Houses: Used for years on homes, Nansulate® HomeProtect is a nanotechnology based insulation coating that you can paint on your dog's house that is clear with a matte finish. It is formulated to reduce heat transfer in the summer and winter and has reduced energy bills by 20% for residential customers.  It's water-based, non-toxic, and only about $74.95 per gallon (which covers about 150 S.F.). Find it at www.nansulate.com/animal_pen_doghouse_insulation.htm. It will also protect your dog house from UV rays and resists mold.  You can do-it-yourself (DIY) simply with a paintbrush, airless sprayer or roller.  As an added benefit, if you find yourself in the proverbial dog house, you will be cooler too!

3.  Cool Clothes:  As we don our summer clothes, some of our dogs, depending on the breed, shed their coats.  Your dog can be styling in clothing and accessory options that cool the body.  Several choices for the summer season include cooling jackets and vests that you can fill with water.  They mimic the function of sweating by cooling through evaporation.  If you want to wear a matching ensemble, cooling bandanas and baseball caps are made in gender specific designs to suit your boy or girl dogs' fashionista predilections.  You can coordinate with masters' versions available for you too.

 4. Cool Chow Time: Although options in water bowls are definitely low tech, for this critical component in summer safety, you may want to consider one of the plethora of insulated dog water bowls that are available.  If not, make sure you have a large bowl, and that you keep the water cool and fresh.  As an added treat, there are chilled dog bones that are non-toxic which  dogs enjoying chewing on for a cool summer treat. These can be found in pet stores and some grocery stores.  

You can keep your dog's house and their Master's suite cooler with Nansulate® HomeProtect liquid insulation, sport your cooled baseball caps and bandanas, throw your dog a chilled doggy version of an ice cream cone or popsicle treat-and join in with one of your own. Once you have chosen a few heat beating products to keep your beloved friend cool you can both relax and revel in some summer fun.

IEM_june2011.jpgKeep Employees Cooler By Insulating Hot Equipment

This time of year we begin getting calls related to workplace safety and reducing hot working environments. Large ovens, washers, and dryers are some of the equipment that can quickly heat up a working environment to 100 degrees +, making it harder for employees to do their jobs, and causing workplace safety issues.

By coating the exterior of that hot equipment with either our Nansulate® Translucent PT or NSF Registered (for food manufacturing applications) Nansulate® Translucent GP, we help companies reduce the heat expelled into the environment by that equipment, while also reducing the energy costs to run the equipment at the same time.

A simple 8-coat application (only $1.42/S.F.) sprayed onto the exterior of the equipment can reduce a 140F surface temperature down to approximately 99F, or from 120F down to approximately 89F. This reduces the heat emitted into the room, making it more comfortable for your employees.

Helpful research links:

Nansulate® Temperature Reduction Chart

(Choose the number of coats to reach your surface temperature reduction goal)

Nansulate® Translucent PT Purchase Page

Nansulate® Translucent GP Purchase Page

As always, contact us anytime if you have questions or would like assistance with application or specifications. 800-767-3998 or +1 239-254-0346 or contact@nansulate.com

Use the coupon code: COOLWORKERS
10% off through June 30, 2011. Not valid with any other discounts.

Stay Sustainable,
The NanoPioneer Team
fm0607Prod2.jpegNansulate® Translucent GP insulation and mold resistant coating was created for insulation of food processing equipment to reduce energy costs. This clear coating is water-based, non-toxic, low odor and low voc. Insulate surfaces up to 256°F, including ovens, cookers, hot water tanks, hot water pipes, dryers and more. Use for both metal and non-metal surfaces. NSF non-food compound registered as safe for use on incidental food contact surfaces...

Check out more about our amazing Nansulate® Translucent GP online with FoodManufacturing.com by clicking here.

Food Manufacturing is distributed to major decision-makers in the U.S. food and beverage processing markets, including those involved with processed meat/poultry/seafood, pet foods, dairy and frozen novelty products, fruits and vegetables, cereal and grain-based products, refrigerated and frozen foods, prepared meals, baking and snack food products, candy and confectionary products, beverages (including juices, spirits, wine, beer, coffee, tea), flavors/supplements/ingredients (including fats, oils), and engineering/systems integration services.

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