Facility Maintenance Solutions with Nansulate

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Building maintenance & energy efficiency are year-round issues. Did you know that Nansulate® Coatings can cut your building maintenance costs while also reducing energy bills? From easy paint-on wall and ceiling insulation to mold and fungi resistance exterior surface coatings, to encapsulation of lead contaminated surfaces, solve issues that have been costing you for years with a few quick strokes of a paint brush, roller, or paint sprayer.

jan-2012-2.jpgStop Powerwashing
Imagine being able to keep your building and roof clean for years.

Nansulate® Energy Protect for walls and Nansulate® Crystal for roofs are both clear insulation coatings that also are resistant to mold & fungi growth, as well as being UV and moisture resistant.

Use 2-coats if you want mold/fungi resistance only, or 3-coats for additional thermal insulation benefit.

Stop Corrosion
Stop rust, reduce condensation, and stop the mess of corrosion under insulation.

Nansulate® Translucent PT is a direct-to-metal coating that insulates and prevents rust. Use on metal buildings to insulate effectively without the mess of traditional materials that degrade quickly in moist environments. Great for metal duct work and railings too.

Use 2-coats for rust prevention only, or 3-coats for additional thermal insulation.

jan-2012-4.jpgLower Energy Costs
Easily increase the energy efficiency of any type of building.

Nansulate® Energy Protect is the answer to reducing heating and cooling costs no matter how old the building.

Use on walls (interior or exterior), ceilings, factory windows or skylights to insulate your building and increase energy efficiency.

For sloped roofs use, Nansulate® Crystal clear insulating roof coating.

3-coats is the standard building insulation coverage. Customers report 15%-30% or more energy savings.



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