Nansulate® Building Envelope Efficiency Solutions

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According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 41% percent of U.S. primary energy is consumed by buildings, compared to 30% by the industrial sector and 29% by the transportation sector. The top three commercial energy uses in buildings are for heating, lighting, and cooling, which represent close to half of commercial site energy consumption.

This data means that companies wanting to reduce energy costs, should not overlook the savings from insulating their building envelope.

Read on for ways you can affordably increase the energy efficiency of any type of building with Nansulate® coatings.

iem_april2012-2.jpgWall Insulation
Spray liquid insulation over brick, concrete, metal, wood, and other wall surfaces.

Nansulate® Energy Protect clear insulation and mold resistance coating can be easily sprayed or rolled over the perimeter walls of your building envelope to reduce heating and cooling costs. Per independent testing over 8cm cement walls, the coating can reduce thermal transmission by 34.8% at a standard 3-coat coverage.

Download Product Data Sheet and Review Case Studies for further information.

iem_april2012-3.jpgWindow Insulation
Increase window energy efficiency without the high cost of replacement.

Windows are one of the largest 'holes' in a building's thermal envelope, and replacing single pane glass with more efficient windows can be cost prohibitive. Easily insulate existing windows and frames with Nansulate® Energy Protect coating. The coating will give a slightly frosted look to windows, while allowing through about 92% of visible light (as tested on pane glass) and also provide resistance to UV rays.

Download a photo sheet to see how the coating looks over windows.

iem_april2012-4.jpgRoof Insulation
Insulate with a CLEAR Cool Roof Coating that also prevents mold growth.

Our new and improved Nansulate® Crystal clear insulating roof coating has just been upgraded for more performance with less coats needed. Apply 2 coats at 5 mils each to increase roof energy efficiency. The coating is also UV & moisture resistant and keeps your roof cleaner because it's resistant to mold and fungi growth. Use over sloped roofs of all types and flat roofs that have good drainage. As tested over concrete roof tiles, the coating can reduce thermal conduction by 30%.



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