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Nansulate® Vinyl Fresh
Revitalize Aged Vinyl Siding & Preserve New Vinyl Siding

About Product:
Nansulate® Vinyl Fresh is a latex-based clear coat for the use of revitalizing aged vinyl siding and preserving new vinyl siding.

Product Benefits:
Protects against weathering, UV damage, melting, color fade, moisture saturation, weather warping, and mold residue. Minimizes maintenance. Adds durability and extends life. Increases insulation for energy efficiency. Revitalizes aging and fading color. Preserves the color of new vinyl siding.

So, you didn't buy pre-insulated vinyl siding? Nansulate® Vinyl Fresh is uniquely made to protect, preserve, and add insulation ability to vinyl siding. Keep your home looking its best, and make your home energy cost efficient the smart way.

It's Easy:
Nansulate® Vinyl Fresh is a ready-to-use clear coat backed by a 5 year Customer Warranty. All you need is a paint brush, sprayer, or roller and 72 hours of dry time.

Rejuvenated Vinyl Siding in Nova Scotia, Canada:
This pleased homeowner says his vinyl siding looked the way it did when it was installed 10 years ago. Read Case Study

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Product Data Sheet


Nansulate® Product Advantages:

What is Nansulate®?
Nansulate® coatings are a patented technology by Industrial Nanotech, Inc. that utilize a nanomaterial with an extremely low thermal conductivity. This material allows the coatings to effectively inhibit heat transfer in a thin layer. This is not a ceramic coating, but rather a unique, patented technology only sold under the Nansulate® brand name.
What Does it Do?
Save Energy, Save Money, Improve Air Quality, Lower Expenses, Provide a Sustainable Solution, Lower Maintenance Costs, Preserve, Protect, and Rejuvenate Surfaces, Offer Long-Term Performance (5-10 Years or More), Lower Carbon Emissions
Outstanding Insulation Properties in a Thin Film Coating.
ISO 8990:1999 Standard Testing over 8cm Cement Wall Sections - Blocks 34.8% Thermal Transfer. (Download)
Mold Resistant
Appearance is Clear with a Matte Finish
Easy Application with Brush, Roller or Paint Sprayer
Non-Toxic, Water-Based
Outstanding Durability, Weathering Resistant
Excellent Adhesion to Wood, Drywall, Vinyl Siding, Concrete, Glass and Many Other Surfaces
Reduces Thermal Bridging Through Studs
Cost Effective
Reported Energy Savings Between 15%-30% on Heating and Cooling Costs
Short-Term Payback
Low VOC (100 g/L)
Breathable (Perm Rating 5 Perms/Inch)
Resistant to Infiltration by Dust, Dirt, Mold and Vermin
Green Product - Non-toxic, Low VOC, Water-Based
Protects Against Mold Without Use of Biocides
Space saving - Each Coat is Applied at 4 mils; a 3-Coat Coverage will Fully Cure to 6 Mils DFT
Can be Painted Over with a Color Paint
Clear Finish, Does not Change the Look of the Underlying Surface (Except for Glass)
Provides Protection from Harmful UV Rays
Interior or exterior use
Wall Insulation
Ceiling Insulation
Attic Insulation
Duct Insulation
Insulation for Windows that do not Require Complete Clarity
Basement Insulation
Insulation for Plastic or Wood Blinds
Corrosion/Weathering Resistance for Patio Furniture
Hot Water Heater Insulation
Energy Savings
15%-30% Based upon Test Data and Field Studies
Does Nansulate® have an R value? Audio answer
Independent Testing - ISO 8990:1999
Independent Testing - Government of Mexico
Product Downloads
Case Study Downloads
5 1/2 Year Field Study - 46% Average Energy Savings over 3-Years Post Application. Download
Sailboat Application - Reduced Interior Cabin Temperature by 13-15 Degrees F. Download
Commercial Metal Building in Alaska - Lowered Heating Bills by 22%. Download
Attic Application in Dallas, TX - Reduced Interior Attic Temperature by 42 Degrees F. Download
BUILDERnews 2008 Best Products Award - Energy Efficiency Category
Building Products Magazine - Top 100 Best Products of 2008
Qualified Remodeler Magazine - The Remodelers' Choice 100 Top Products, 2008
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Try Nansulate® now and join those who have saved...

"I keep a careful spreadsheet of heating expenses and even though this has been a long and cold winter, I have used about 20% less than last year.
Take in to account that I decided to keep the house 2 degrees warmer during the day and 4 degrees warmer at night!
-Evelyne Tinkl, Mohnton, Pennsylvania

"We are really pleased with the 40% savings in energy cost and the swiftness at which it (the house) cools off and heats up.
I tell my friends about it because it really works.
You could heat that house with a votive candle and a blow dryer now that it has the nanotech coating on it."
- Marc Izzard, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

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Nansulate coatings are Made in the USA

Nansulate® is Patented technology protected by U.S. and international Patents.

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